Hevra Kadisha

In each of the localities of Gush Etzion, representatives of local burial societies are responsible for the care of the deceased and assistance to the family of the deceased during mourning.

The following is a list of those responsible for the burial society in each locality:

יישוב שם הנציג טלפון נייד
אלון שבות עזרא רוזנפלד 02-9931553 052-4228601
אלעזר יוני יהודה 02-9932411 054-3022260
בת עין ערן ברנדויין 054-7277171
כפר עציון חזי מרקוביץ 02-9935118 050-5227366
כרמי צור אמנון ראש 02-9961202 057-7718723
מגדל עוז אברהם וייל 02-9936448 052-3992783
מיצר הרב ישראל גולדשטיין 02-9934330 054-0000000

The local burial society is responsible for:


Coordination of the date of the funeral Between family and society Gush Etzion-Efrat burial


Purity of the deceased


Excavation and repair of the tomb


Holding a funeral


Assistance with equipment for the mourners’ home

Album Gallery Memorial Ceremonies at the Cemetery

In the Companies Authority, the local communities dedicated equipment to the mourning house for the days of Shiva, such as: low chairs, arrangements, a Torah scroll, etc.
For the equipment, please contact a representative of the Kadisha company in the locality. The Religious Council has additional equipment when needed – you can contact the offices of the Religious Council to receive them.

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